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Two interesting bits… February 14, 2008

Posted by Philip Ryan in Books, General.

A post on shogi (Japanese chess), which sounds very cool. And a funny Worst Horse piece riffing off one of Brad Warner’s proposed book titles.


1. Gerald Ford - February 16, 2008

Thank Phillip for the nod! 😀 Shogi is a pretty old game, that started in China, but was imported by Japan way back in the day. So it is as old as Western Chess, but very little known outside of east Asia. I can’t deny, there are no real connections to Buddhism and Shogi, but in some of the medieval versions of Shogi, they had way more pieces, and some pieces such as devas, had clear Buddhist elements to them. Look up “maka dai dai shogi” on YouTube sometime. 🙂 Modern Shogi is way more streamlined, but infinitely more fun than regular chess.

Take care!

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