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Will there be a boycott? No progress in Burma. Conflicts continue in Thailand and Sri Lanka March 19, 2008

Posted by Philip Ryan in Burma, News, Tibet.

xianwarriors.jpgAn interesting piece in the New York Times addresses Tibetans living in western China, caught between several worlds. Not surprisingly, China is said to be tightening its grip on all Tibetan areas. Meanwhile, some western European countries flirt with an Olympic boycott. [Image © Mark Trepte/The Associated Press.]

Remember Ibrahim Gambari, the U.N.’s special envoy to Burma? He’s disappointed with the lack of results from his recent trip, but he reports that Aung San Suu Kyi is in good health and good spirits. Meanwhile the All Burma Monks’ Association (ABMA) urged monks to boycott this year’s religious examinations, to be held on March 24th. The ABMA was formed in Mandalay on September 9th, 2007.

“During the saffron revolution, we announced the ex-communicative boycott of the regime. This boycott will remain in force as long as it is not withdrawn by another religious rite. So the boycott is still continuing. We urge our fellow monks to continue the boycott and obey the religious diktat,” U Pyinyar Zawta, patron of ABMA told Mizzima.

“During the saffron revolution, the regime beat up monks, tied them to the lamppost, arrested them and imprisoned them. This is an insult to the Buddhist sasana (religion). So we issued this statement with the intention of urging our fellow monks to boycott the religious examinations held by the regime,” he added.

The death toll from the four-year conflict in southern Thailand tops 3,000. (Or is it only 2,800?) What does Thailand’s government think about how to solve this insurgency? “No idea,” says interior minister Chalerm Yubamrung.

Meanwhile, a violent civil war rages in Sri Lanka, with 37 dead in recent clashes between the government and Tamil rebels.



1. Luis - March 19, 2008

depressing news. I fear there will be no boycott. Too many people with too much to loose.

However the moral status of the Olympics will be stained in a way not seen since 1936

2. U Myine - March 24, 2008

Dear Sir

There is an unlawful affairs in Myanmar.The court in Myanmar have
unnatural decision.
for example,U sein HLa ,District magistrate in Yangon,gets 30,000
kyats for a case to accept .for a decision is unLinmited money.

In Tharkayta,Yangon,our court have many brokers .Ma Aye Nu ,
working at Law office live in Yanpya 4 st 2/South ward join the judges
especially Daw Su sanda win and lawyers .She takes money and can change
any decision .She,only clerk,have 2 cars and many possessions.
please Check them all any decision.It is seen clearly malfeasances.

Daw Su Sanda Win and other judges made undue influence for public

please announce the world for public .so the court can see right things

U Myine

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