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The Facade of Tibetan Unity? March 24, 2008

Posted by Philip Ryan in Dalai Lama, News, Tibet.

Is the Chinese media’s assertion that the Tibet protesters were mainly supporters of the Dalai Lama true? Yoichi Shimatsu gets into Tibetan internal power struggles between the Black Hats (Kagyupas) and Yellow Hats (Gelugpas).



1. lookout - March 24, 2008

I found the article posted here to be a masterpiece of subtle divisiveness. I am not sure where the author is coming from, but he seems to revel in the possibitly of the Dalai Lama becoming powerless and wants to promote Kagyu, Nyingma and Sakya outrage. This slant comes through in other articles my Shimatsu. In the article posted, he subtly supports the official Chinese view: “a small minority of Tibetans loyal to the Dalai Lama were involved in the protests. Whatever its legal flaws, there’s more than a grain of truth in the official assertion.” Like the Chinese press, he presents no evidence for this.
He also cites the (Chinese) Panchen lama as though he were an independent authority supporting the government’s position, ignoring a huge issue in Tibetan politics. If Shimatsu is as knowledgable as he appears to be, this smacks of expert propaganda, not journalism. Who is this guy?

2. Anonymous - March 25, 2008

Clearly Chinese propaganda written to undermine Tibetans – a load of nonsense.

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