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The Tibet death toll’s at 140. So are the Olympics already ruined? March 25, 2008

Posted by Philip Ryan in Dalai Lama, Environment, News, Tibet.

Death toll in Tibet now 140? The numbers are difficult to verify because China controls the flow of information so religiously. Germany (a country in love with Buddhism) wants answers from China on the violence.

Have the Olympics already been tainted beyond redemption by China’s actions? How will China handle international (i.e. Western) protesters at the games this summer? They can’t go bludgeoning teenagers from Seattle as easily as they can Tibetan monks. If the torch-lighting ceremony protests were any indication, we should expect this.

The U.S. sent missile parts to Taiwan. Accidentally. If the Chinese weren’t so busy they’d be howling with rage over this.

Also, more to feel guilty about; your carbon footprint!



1. scott - March 25, 2008

For an alternate perspective on how to really asses one’s carbon footprint, this is an interesting article from the New Yorker:

2. Konchog - March 25, 2008

I think our asses are responsible for our methane footprint. I’ll have to do some research to assess this, though.

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