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Monks who spoke to journalists in Lhasa will not be punished, Beijing says; Tibetans want the Panchen Lama Back March 28, 2008

Posted by Philip Ryan in Dalai Lama, News, Tibet.

Monks speaking out to foreign journalists in front of the Jokhang (the journalists were on a Beijing-sponsored tour of Lhasa) will not punished, says China.For some reason, in light of all the attention Tibet is now getting, this seems very encouraging. (But if the world blinks, those monks will be snatched right up and spirited away.)

Meanwhile China continues to deal with the fallout from the Tibet protests:

“This is exactly what the party leaders didn’t want,” said Li Datong, a senior magazine editor who was fired in 2006 after an essay in his publication challenged the party’s official history. “This has become a real headache for them.”

The E.U. will have a debate about what they should say and do in response to China’s actions.

Tibetans want the Panchen Lama returned, and not the one who almost got into politics recently. The Panchen Lama, one of the most revered lamas in Tibet and second only to the Dalai Lama within the Gelugpa lineage, was kidnapped by China in 1995 and has not been seen since.

More excitement in Kathmandu: About 20 Tibetan students entered the U.N. compound there. They were greeted with a hot lunch instead of truncheons and bullets, however.



1. javajoba - March 28, 2008

Just received this email:

I am sorry to have to write you with bad news and this request for your
urgent attention and help, but we are in a truly dire situation with
the monks in Tibet. The Chinese authorities have taken the inhumane
action of locking down key monasteries in Tibet, and preventing access
to water, food and medicine! No one is allowed to leave or enter, and
no food or water is entering the monasteries. The monks are
systematically being starved and deprived of water! Several deaths
have already occurred and this information is leaking out despite the
Chinese communication blackout in Tibet. We know of one monk suicide at
Ramoche, and this (suicide) is an unheard-of tragedy!

(Ramoche is the parent monastery of our local Gyuto Monastery; the
Chinese have also locked down Drepung, Sera, and the other major
monasteries.They believe they can passively murder/starve the monks and ….

Not sure what else to say…

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