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Dalai Lama to US: Help Resolve Tibet Crisis; Torch Everest Coverage Altered April 22, 2008

Posted by Philip Ryan in News, Tibet.
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If he only knew the U.S. can’t stand up to China.

Japan, a little irked at China’s belligerent rhetoric, will allow protests when the torch visits. Democracy rules.

A pro-Tibet rally took place in Jakarta Tuesday as the torch made its way through Indonesia’s capital.

And China’s changed the way the media will cover the Everest/Tibet portion of the flame’s route:

China is altering plans for media coverage of the Olympic flame’s ascent of Mount Everest, with officials saying Tuesday that harsh weather is making reporting conditions difficult.

The changes, in effect, mean that foreign reporters would likely spend only 10 days overall in Tibet — about half the time initially planned.

Officials denied that the changes were connected to protests and riots in Tibet against Chinese rule last month. After the protests, the government allowed a group foreign reporters to visit the Tibetan capital of Lhasa only to have the carefully scripted trip upended by a protest by monks at an important Buddhist shrine.

“This has nothing to do with the situation in Tibet,” Wang Hui, a spokeswoman for the organizing committee, known as Bocog, told foreign reporters. “It’s all because of the uncertain weather conditions.”



1. Holmgreen - April 22, 2008

Thank you for this fantastic Blog. If anyone should forget why the people in Tibet and their supporters are demanding human rights these days… this video should be able to remind them:

2. commonsense - April 22, 2008

Your video clip was composed by some footages twenty years old. And If I make video about America society with shots only concentrated on police officers, people would think US is a police state. Could Pro Tibet supporters or exile community make some honesty statement to convince the majority Chinese about your grievance. After all Chinese are the people you need to persuade to gain your independence, not power of EU and American. Trying to press Chinese with western power is totally counter productive to your own cause. The westerns probably easily fooled by your propaganda and liars, the Han and other Chinese won’t be, since we are live next to each other for thousands years, we know where you coming from, and we know what social conditions Tibet is really in. Frankly I only wish Tibet has a chance to try on independency, I would say in less than a year, Tibetans will cry to be back to PRC’s arms. Imaging the living standard the Tibetan will have to endure without the economic supply and tie from the rest of China. The whole independency movement is overly exaggerated by the exile and pro Tibetans, I really doubt that’s what majority Tibetans want. Even Dalai Lama is not seeking for that, at least he still holds common sense.

3. Marcus - April 22, 2008

In China right now:

Mobs of 150 people attacking westerners outside French supermarkets.

And the police allowing it to happen.


4. Marcus - April 22, 2008

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